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  • Corriere della Sera - July 21, 2013
    "I MATTA, ispirazione in famiglia" by Sebastiano Grasso

    "The idea of gathering together Roberto Sebastian Matta and his sons Gordon Matta-Clark and Pablo Echaurren is excellent."

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  • Financial Times - January 19-20, 2013
    "Virtues of restraint" by Jackie Wullschlager

    "The apparent simplicity of Giorgio Morandi's work resonates in austere times"

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  • La Stampa - June 26, 2013
    "A great exhibition as an homage to Renato Guttuso" by Federica Giommi

    "«Il Realismo e l'attualità dell'immagine» [...] is organized by the Education and Culture Department of the Valle d'Aosta Region and is curated by Flaminio Gualdoni and Franco Calarota"

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  • La Repubblica - June 7, 2013
    "De Chirico at the Castle" by Lorenzo Madaro

    "Horses, myths, beaches. The mysteries of art in the heart of Otranto"

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  • The Guardian / The Observer - January 13, 2013
    "Every pitcher tells a story" by Laura Cumming

    "A great exhibition can sometimes alter one's view of an artist. «Morandi: Lines of Poetry» is such an event".

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  • El Mercurio - June 6, 2013
    "Three Matta exhibit together at the Venice Biennale" by Marilù Ortiz de Rozas

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  • The Daily Telegraph - January 16, 2013
    "Master who made the mundane magical" by Alastair Sooke

    "Morandi's art has a timeless, monumental quality"

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  • The Economist - January 19, 2013
    "Games of perception"

    "Pleasure replace perplexity as the viewer joins Morandi in a game of perceptual hide and seek. [...] These etchings, like his paintings, are proof of his artistic success".

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  • The Wall Street Journal - January 18, 2013
    "Simplicity and Soul"

    "As an influential forerunner to Minimalism, Italian artist Giorgio Morandi is known for the simplicity of his landscape and still-life drawings"

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