«I have learnt to see things in a different way. Even in painting, later, not everything changed. It is not that I rediscovered my happy childhood as a reaction to the horror. The little colts, the Dalmatian landscapes, the Dalmatian women were there before as well. But I was able to see everything differently afterwards. After the visions of corpses, trimmed of all outer necessities, of the superfluous, without the mask of hypocrisy and of the distinctions men and society cover themselves with, I believe I have discovered and understood the truth - the terrible and tragic truth that I had been able to touch. The Dalmatian landscapes returned, having lost everything excessive and gossipy. Sienese landscapes were added: bare corpses, scarred by inclemency. I needed this huge lesson for my painting at least».

Zoran Mušič, from the catalogue Music, Opere 1946-1985, Museo Correr - Venice, Electa, 1985