«The works of Dürer, Böcklin, Giorgio de Chirico, mine, are born first of all as thought things. Bringing them to a form, either painted or written, is a translation, a secondary operation: a "choice" operation. [...] Do you want to try again? We think of the works of the painters named here: we see them in memory, which is like thinking them. Instead, the works of others, we need to see them. Born themselves out of sight and as sight. [...] My case is more explicit. I clearly felt, I clearly understood that when an artist's reason for art is deeper and therefore "precedes" the individual reason for each art, when in other words the artist is a "creative center", it is stupid, it is dishonest, it is immoral to shut oneself in a single art, to enslave itself to its particular reasons, to its special reasons. And I had the courage to go beyond the arts, over the arts».

Alberto Savinio, La mia pittura, in  Alberto Savinio, pittura e letteratura, edited by, G.Briganti, L. Sciascia, Parma, Franco Maria Ricci, 1979