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Grand Hotel Majestic Baglioni, Bologna 21 January - 15 February 2013 
Grand Hotel Majestic Baglioni, Bologna


21 gennaio - 15 febbraio

Saturday 26 January


On the occasion of Arte Fiera 2013 The Grand Hotel Majestic "formerly Baglioni" together with the Galleria d'Arte Maggiore are happy to present exclusively in the hotel lounges a temporary exhibition of etchings by Giorgio Morandi in a moment of great international attention for the work of the master.


A small and precious exhibition that boasts an illustrious historical precedent: the "five" exhibition organized for a single day between 21 and 22 March 1914 in the basement of the then newly inaugurated Hotel Baglioni in which Morandi exhibited together with Osvaldo Licini, Severo Pozzati, Mario Bacchelli and Giacomo Vespignani. An exhibition that went down in history as a moment of crucial importance for Italian artistic development and as the first 'avant-guard' exhibition held in Bologna, in the wake of which the developments of the futurist group will be born.

Bologna 21 January 2013: A new artistic synergy sees two of the most prestigious realities of the Bolognese panorama together. The historic Baglioni now Grand Hotel Majestic and the now international Galleria d'Arte Maggiore g.a.m. come together to present a fundamental part of Giorgio Morandi's artistic production: his graphic work that goes hand in hand with the realization of the works on canvas, for importance, quality of the results achieved and linguistic autonomy.

In a context made special by the Carracci frescoes, the hotel, the only 5-star luxury hotel in Bologna and since 1990 part of The Leading Hotels of the World, an event of great historical and artistic interest, after the centennial celebrations of the hotel, which in its history hosted some of the best Italian artists and events of historical value such as the one that saw Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Umberto Boccioni, Carlo Carrà, Filippo Russolo and Balilla Pratella on January 19, 1914, for the first futurist evening at Baglioni with <fearsome orange drops>.

"It is a great pleasure for me to host one of the Bolognese artists who contributed to the fame of Bologna in the world" underlines the director of the Hotel Tiberio Biondi thinking of the two Morandi oils chosen in 2009 by Barack Obama for the White House collection of Washington, at the exhibition that dedicated the Metropolitan Museum in New York to the Maestro in 2008. And, again, to the great event that the prestigious Estorick Collection in London is dedicating to him right now (until April 7).

This will be an interesting exhibition curated by Franco Calarota of the Galleria d'Arte Maggiore g.a.m. at the Grand Hotel Majestic "formerly Baglioni" which states: "the exhibition presents itself as an opportunity to discover the vocation for the engraving technique that has accompanied Morandi since from the early years throughout his career, making him achieve important results both in terms of skill and poetic rendering, making Morandi win the further challenge given by engraving: being able to play on the duotone of black and white and therefore on the variations of chiaroscuro and the frequency of the sign".


The Baglioni, with this exhibition, confirms itself as a reference point for the city's cultural activities, of which it has been witness for a century (just completed) and exclusive showcase of the great events of Bologna at an international level.

The Galleria d'Arte Maggiore g.a.m., founded in 1978 by Franco and Roberta Calarota, is today an international reference for modern art both from the market point of view and for the promotion of Italian art abroad through prestigious collaborations with the most renowned museums and institutions in the world. In fact, if the founders have consolidated the prestige of the gallery on the international scene thanks to a permanent collection of high quality works by Masters of the 20th century, the daughter Alessia, director of the gallery, has combined tradition with a new perspective that with an innovative attitude shows how modern art has influenced contemporary art.