Robert Indiana: One trough Zero

23 January - 31 March 2016

Following the great international exhibitions dedicated to Pop art in the main capitol cities' museums in Europe, Galleria d'Arte Maggiore g.a.m. continues its in-depth analysis on the most loved American art. After a record number of visitors for Andy Warhol's exhibition, it is now time for Robert Indiana, creator of those iconic works rightly entered in everybody's life and in the everyday language of media and people. Among the works included in the show, curated by Franco and Roberta Calarota and promoted by their daughter Alessia there is of course the famous sculpture LOVE, presented in different variations, together with other important pieces such as AMOR and ONE THROUGH ZERO, the artistic series of numbers. With these works Indiana starts from American identity to explore today's occidental culture in its various aspects of language through the power of abstraction.