Gino Severini. The rule, the mask, the sacred | La regola, la maschera, il sacro

1 September 1993 - 31 January 1994

In 1993 Franco and Roberta Calarota of Galleria d'Arte Maggiore g.a.m. have realized an innovative exhibition dedicated to Gino Severini. On the occasion of "Gino Severini. The rule, the mask, the sacred", Maggiore g.a.m. moved and built, inside the historical venue of Maggiore g.a.m. in Bologna, the original and entire room of the Montegufoni Castle's fresco painted by Severini in the 1921 called "La Sala delle Maschere / The room of the masks". The artwork commissioned by Sir Osbert George Sitwell, owner of Montegufoni. The exhibition presented an excursus on the work of Gino Severini and as Severini, himself, said: «the characters of "Commedia dell'Arte / Comedy of Art" gave me the possibility to humanize the geometry and to give that sense of mystery and fantastic which has been used by Surrealist». As curiosity: during the World War II some masterpieces as "Primavera" by Sandro Botticelli and the "Madonna di Ognissanti" by Giotto has been moved from Uffizi Gallery to Montegufoni's Castle in order to be protect and hidden.