Maggiore g.a.m. Project Room | Morandi's Objects by Joel Meyerowitz

20 Maggio - 18 Giugno 2023

Maggiore g.a.m. is happy to announce the opening of the PROJECT ROOM, a new exhibtion venue of the gallery in Venice in collaboration with ACP - Palazzo Franchetti with the exhibition:

Morandi's Objects by Joel Meyerowitz
Curated by Amanda Renshaw
May 20th - July 2nd 2023

In Venice in the amazing Palazzo Franchetti, headquarters of ACP - Art Capital Partners Palazzo Franchetti, Maggiore g.a.m. is happy to announce the opening of its first Project Room, a bright and white space located on the Second Noble Floor, close by the Morandi's Library of ACP - Palazzo Franchetti. The Maggiore g.a.m. Project Room is a new gallery venue where some exhibitions will take place during the year in the prestigious environment of Palazzo Franchetti on the Grand Canal.


The first exhibition is dedicated to Joel Meyerowitz, the world-renowned street-photographer which has dedicated a series of works studying the light in Giorgio Morandi's studio in Italy. As Amanda Renshaw, curator of the exhibition, wrote: «These photographs are a form of investigation, an analysis, if you will, of the art of perception and interpretation. Instead of arranging the objects in different combinations, Meyerowitz chose to take them one at a time, holding them in his hands, placing them on Morandi's table and gently turning them until the light seemed right. His photographs document the individuality of each humble object - simple sentinels placed on an annotated surface. He imbues each one with a physical presence and shy confidence of its own. In so doing, he also provides us with the tools to understand and appreciate how Morandi depicted the very same objects, and how, with the introduction of his own sense of light, composition, and scale (which is most often determined by shadow), he transformed them into something elusive, intangible, and timeless».