Sissi | Electa

Rizzoli International Publications | New York

Thursday 15 March 2018, 6 pm EST

At Rizzoli Internationational Publications, New York 

Presentation of Sissi's Monography curated by Antonio Grulli and Alessia Calarota,

edited by Electa


The volume consists in a selection of Sissi's works created between 1999 and 2017. These are the years during which the Italian artist successfully gained recognition in both the national and international scene, thanks to a number of personal and collective exhibitions in cities including New York, Tokyo, London, Amsterdam and partecipation in important events such as the Venice Biennale of 2009, in the Italian Pavillon. Her work ranges from performance to sculpture, from design to painting, from installation to photography and video, but the various languages are held together by the unique signature style developed by the artist over the years. Her favourite themes are the body and the anatomical studies, based on environmental and natural elements in a continuos process of exchange and overlap. However an existential type of research always lies at the base, also articulated through the use of poetic language and words. 



March 15, 2018
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