Sissi a monument dedicated to Margherita Hack in Milan

"Sguardo fisico" (2022)

Maggiore g.a.m. is glad to inform you that the Deloitte Foundation of Milan, in collaboration with Casa degli Artisti and with the support of the Municipality of Milan - Office of Art in Public Spaces, on Febraury 2022 announced that the competition "A Sculpture for Margherita Hack" to which seven Italian and international artists - Chiara Camoni, Giulia Cenci, Zhanna Kadyrova, Paola Margherita, Marzia Migliora, Liliana Moro, Sissi and Silvia Vendramel - adhered, has been won by Sissi, with the work entitled "Sguardo fisico".
The bronze sculpture will represent Margherita Hack - astrophysicist, academic, brilliant popularizer of science of the Twenty Century who died in 2013 - intent on observing the stars while emerging from a vortex depicting a galaxy.
The work of Sissi is the first sculpture on public ground in Italy dedicated to a woman scientist, it will be installed the next June 2022 in Milan in Largo Richini at the entrance of the University of Studies - La Statale.




February 9, 2022
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