Vasco Bendini. Ombre prime

The exhibition at Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea on the occasion of the centenary year of Vasco Bendini’s birth

Galleria d'Arte Maggiore g.a.m. is pleased to announce that on the occasion of the centenary year of Vasco Bendini’s birth, the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea offers the chance to the public to rediscover the multiform production of the artist who never tired of pursuing multifaceted research, also through the usage of different techniques and materials: from newsprint to canvas, through to glass wool, cardboards, foam rubber, resins, burnt candles, neon and various plastics.

The exhibition, curated by Bruno Corà is on view From 29 march  to 19 June 2022.


Bendini is a prominent member of the Informal artistic movement, and, even if for a very short period, has also shown to be very sensitive to the cultural climate and the modalities that would become distinctive of Arte Povera, of which, though, was never part.  The exhibition VASCO BENDINI, OMBRE PRIME, displays a selection of works ranging from the fifties trough to the noughties, which goes to testify how intense the activity of the painter was even in the later years of his long life.
Vasco Bendini (Bologna 1922-Rome 2015) is a leading figure in an artistic path that often sees him in the role of anticipator of techniques and languages. His is an itinerary which is discontinuous but that in this apparent lack of linearity shows in reality an inner consistency that reveals to both himself and the viewer the secret essence of the self and of the matter.

March 30, 2022
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