Margherita e le altre

Claudia Arletti, Il Venerdì di Repubblica, May 27, 2022

[...] Little by little, the idea that female history and brilliance must be recognized, however, is gaining ground - even if with less vehemence than in the United States, and certainly without the urge of cancel culture - so now Milan is preparing to commemorate Margherita Hack with a bronze statue that will be unveiled on June 13 in front of Università Statale.

The statue is 2.70 meters high and was forged in Piedmont, in the Carli artistic foundry. The figure of the scientist emerges from coils that represent a galaxy. The artist Daniela Olivieri, aka Sissi, named the work Sguardo Fisico. Interviewed by Venerdì, that has previewed her work, Sissi explained she did not want a pedestal «because I wanted to emphasize the bond with the Earth». Furthermore, «the gesture of the binoculars reminds us that our hands are the first and most important tool we have». [...]

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