Flaminio Gualdoni, 2015
rectangular 192 pages
Publisher: Silvana Editoriale
Dimensions: 23 x 28 cm

In his sculptures, Roberto Sebastian Matta evokes all the traditions already existing: the totemic idol of ancient civilizations with serpents' eyes derived from Incan or Aztec culture meld with the fecund, natural deities of the Etruscans, in an unending quest for the roots of the history of mankind, which thanks to the artist's vast culture is blended with his studies of Oceanic and primitive art such as African, greatly in vogue among the leading artists of the past century. Times, forms, cultures - all merges together, achieves new unities and transmits unusual visions. But just as in painting, so too in sculpture the memory of the past, of the origin, is permeated with futuristic visions inspired by technology, suspending the result in a magical time, another space, outside of time as it were: indeed a new dimension, where the imagined world, the work created by the mind, is no less real than reality itself.