Works from 1938 to 1952
Debora Ferrari, Enrico Mascelloni, 1995
rectangular 64 pages
Publisher: Skirà Editore
Dimensions: 15 x 21 cm

“For Leoncillo soil is a existential and historical document, because it is market by passages and footprints of a life, soil, clay, which is nature and it is used by the artist to create and also to be a different nature. Soil is something like flesh of nature, it is a real carnal replacement when clay waits the creative action to become a complete form”.


Leoncillo’s existential naturalism, by Debora Ferrari, in Leoncillo. Works from 1938 to 1952, edited by  Debora Ferrari, Enrico Mascelloni, Skirà Editore, Milan, 1995