«Sometimes during the night when I drank a bit, and during the nights that pass too slowly, I start to draw architectures or things - furniture, carpets or chairs and tables where to sit for a long time, as was used in ancient houses, as it is done in wedding banquets or in those for the dead. I design architectures, I design places where I would like to be, where I think people would like to be, […], we all have a car in front of a house and so, in the houses I design, I always put the garage and sometimes the car in front at the house [...], I also put sculptures, perhaps of beautiful naked women carved in white marble, perhaps of famous football players, perhaps of heroic aviators [...]. Then I put lemon, orange and cypress trees, because I'm Italian ».


Ettore Sottsass, Ettore Sottsass. Esercizi, Alberico Cetti Serbelloni Editore, Milano, 2001