ARTE - Città d'Arte. Bologna.

Nicoletta Cobolli Gigli and Matteo Zanni, Arte, January 1, 1995

In the shade of the Two Towers, artists, galleries and new trends. And in January Artefiera moves to Galleria Maggiore (in via Massimo D'Azeglio 15, tel. +39 051 235843), managed from 1978 by Franco Calarota together withi his wife Roberta Calarota.

Specialized in the XX Century, Maggiore g.a.m. proposes to their collectors high-quality works signed by Morandi, Campigli, De Chirico, Rosai, De Pisis and so on. Recently they started some intrusion into contemporary art and from the last October Calarota has organized an Arman's at the International Museum of Ceramic in Faenza. Davide Benati and Nino Longobardi are part of the team of Maggiore g.a.m.

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